Car & Truck Automobile Repair Service

Car and Automobile Repair

Between repairing cars and trucks in Las Vegas and Pahrump, Proctor’s Discount Automotive has been doing Automobile Repair in the Clark County area for over 20-years. We offer auto repair for all makes and models of foreign and domestic vehicles with prompt, courteous professional service. Our highly skilled auto mechanics,  superior customer service and low-price guarantee makes Proctor’s Discount Automotive a winning combination when it comes to auto repair in Las Vegas.

Fleet and Truck Repair

Whether you need to fix your work truck, maintain your fleet or tuning your trophy truck, Proctor’s Discount Automotive has all the tools for heavy engines. One of the services that we offer that may be of assistance to your business is the scheduling of vehicle services.  Our office personnel will obtain the list of all fleet vehicles and mileages then use this information to maintain a schedule of your vehicle service needs.  Notification of services such as oil and filter changes, Preventive Maintenance Inspections can be handled via phone call, fax or email.


Automobile Repair Services

We specialize in all types of auto repair services. Please schedule an appointment or stop by to see what we can do for you. Here’s a list of common automobile repairs:

If you feel you’ve stripped the gears or feel there’s a slow delay while your vehicle shifts, you may need to come it to have a transmission check.

A lot of performance vehicles take a beating if they’re being races. There’s also a lot of classic cars that need engine rebuilds. Let us help make sure these engines get the care they need.

The dry desert heat, along with typical wear-and-tear, these rubber parts need to be maintained and replaced. If not, you could find yourself stranded on the side of the road.

This plays an important roll in ensuring you drive down the road safely and wear your tires down evenly. Especially after accidental curb checks and speed bumps.

Living in the middle of the desert, it’s important to check your AC in Las Vegas before the hot summer months.