Automobile AC Service & Repair

Automobile AC Service & Repair

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Schedule an Automobile AC Service Inspection instead of a walk-in, and we’ll inspect for FREE! This also includes inspecting your electrical and battery. A savings of $25.


Air Conditioning Repair

If you think it’s hot outside, wait until you enter your mobile greenhouse. The last thing you want is to drive and find out that warm air isn’t getting cooler. That’s why you should have us inspect your air conditioning system.

There are many components like the condenser, blower motors, cooling fans, A/C compressor, or something as little as the relays, that can falter. Our ASE-certified car mechanics have the experience to diagnose, find and repair the problem in your air conditioning system.


Automobile AC Service and Recharge

If you’re one that doesn’t want to get caught in the heat, then now is the time to get your air conditioning system checked. Our ASE-certified technicians test your air conditioning system and check for any leaks. Upon completion they’ll conduct a ┬átest to make sure it’s at it’s optimal performance and recharge cooling the system.

As you’re driving down the road, and it hits triple digits, you’ll confidently know that your car air conditioning system is going to keep you cool throughout the hot summer months. You’re in good hands when you bring your car, or truck, for any automotive repair. So be sure to schedule your appointment today!